Pixeli Work Example

Pixeli Work Example

About Pixeli:

Pixelist is simple: (They) paint your(in this case "my") pixels.

Pixelist came from a love of all things custom and creative.

We spent years designing our own clothes, shoes, furniture, and art and hunting for the best craftspeople to bring them to life. So we were naturally attracted to the idea of using Instagram to revive commissioned painting.

Such a grand scheme, however, was quite difficult to execute. We spent over a year testing hundreds of painters to find a group that could consistently deliver paintings we were proud to sell. Then we ran a crowdfunding campaign to make sure people wanted them. As of January, 2014 we’ve shipped over 350 paintings to customers around the world!

Now that Pixelist is a reality, we’re focused on improving it. Plans are in the works to feature our artists. Hopefully that will push Pixelist beyond photorealism into any style our painters can paint!

Pixelist’s co-founders are Will Freeman and Conor Colwell along with head artist John Liu