Sunset at White Lake

At White Lake in Cullinan Park just on the western outskirts of Houston, Texas. It resides in Sugar Land I believe. Mostly a nature preserve, but it has trails that spiderweb their way across the park. A little history of the park courtesy of

The lands of Cullinan Park were first settled in 1828 by Alexander Hodge, a member of Stephen F. Austin’s Old Three Hundred. For over 150 years, this Columbia Bottom land country was then used for raising cattle, sugar cane, and other crops. In 1989, Cullinan Park was acquired by the Houston Parks Board and City of Houston, and opened in 1991 as a nature preserve with improvements funded by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

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A night on the Town

I went out one night a few months ago with my photography club to snap some shots of down town Houston. We started at the Sabine St bridge and I made the suggestion that we make our way down to the pedestrian bridge that connects Eleanor Tinsley Park with downtown across the Buffalo Bayou. It has a beautiful and imposing view of the buildings. 

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