A long overdue return to the Imperial Sugar Factory

Back in October of 2012 I took some photos of the Imperial Sugar Factory during a rather remarkable sunset. That photo has, I'm sure, made more rounds on the internet than any of my others. Probably because the Sugar Factory is the defining land mark of Sugar Land, Texas. While I consider the photo to be well composed, I had taken it with a mediocre camera at low light conditions, not a good combination. As a result, when a potential customer attempted to but it in a large sized print, the transaction could not be completed due to the poor quality of the photo. And no amount of editing on my part could make it acceptable. So I decided it was time I made another attempt at this shot with my current camera(Canon 5D Mark III). Below is the original photo and some of my more recent shots.

Click any photo to shop for prints, but keep in mind that where the original shot (the last one below) is for sale, larger prints will not go through. The first three though are available at any size.