Waiting on the window-pane

Another from an outing with the local photography group I participate in. This is a window in the upstairs office of the Cole theater, with fresh water streaks from the incredible downpour that came just before we entered. The Cole theater was named the Liberty when it was built, in Rosenberg, Texas. It is reportedly haunted according to the owner who is currently renovating it, and we were invited to come photograph it and maybe catch a glimpse of some haunting. I love a good ghost story as much as the next guy but I have very little faith in the possibility of ghosts. Regardless we had a good time in this old creepy theater. 

This is one of those where less is more. It's a single exposure, no HDR/bracketing here. I made only some minor edits in Lightroom on this one, played with the white balance, boosted the vibrancy, detail, contrast, and made some localized boosting of color saturation and more detail. Although come to think of it, I may have added some Nik Color Efex filters in Photoshop also, I do love that Color Efex plugin for PS. I tend to forget all the things I do to my photos, as I rarely have a editing plan to begin with. I often just start some where and go from there.

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