The evening darkens over, After a day so bright

Another from the same night as the last. On my way home the sunset proceeded to get better and better so I had to stop and take another photo or two. I new I wanted to incorporate some light trails from the occasional passing vehicle so I pulled over and set up my camera. For this kind of shot, hand held just wouldn't do, also it had gotten pretty dark by now as the end of twilight was fast approaching. Remember I had forgotten my tripod attachment so I placed my camera on my trunk and rummaged around for something to prop the lens up s bit, if I remember correctly, I used the wadded up strap of my camera bag. I took several of the usual 7 bracketed shots from +3 to -3 while there where no passing cars and then I focused on the light trails and shot some single long exposures as the they passed by. In the end, this shot was made up of an HDR from the 7 (in Photomatix) which I transferred over to Photoshop and layered(in "Lighten" mode to isolate the light) in just the light of two of the long exposures(one for the headlight and one for the tail light.) I took the HDR shot with no light trails because I hate how it looks in HDR. The added non-HDR light trails look nice and clean.

Click the photo to purchase a print. I recommend metal. Also I think I might print this one on glass myself. I just recently purchased the supplies to print on just about any surface, so stay tuned...